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DM Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Pilates Studio & Sports Massage

Physio Pilates Massage Acuopuncture

tel: 0115
960 7310
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Where are we?
Tthe location of the physio clinic and pilates studio - click here for a map!




Pilates News

Beginners Pilates Courses

Weekly Classes (all one hour):

Gentle Tuesday 1:15-2:00pm
Gentle Friday 1:15-2:00pm
Intermediate Tuesday 7.45-8:45PM
Advanced Monday 6.30-07:30pm
Advanced Thursday 6.30-07:30pm
Beginners Wednesday 7.45-8:45PM

Beginners Course - contact the clinic for next start date - £75 – max class size 9

(max class size = 9)

Beginners Pilates Courses last for six consecutive weeks, and cost £75 inc VAT. They are suitable for people who have never done pilates before, or want to get started.
For more information, please click here.

Next beginners courses run on a regular six weekly basis

Please contact us on the main clinic number - 01159 607310

Pilates and Yoga Products

We are also now designing and sourcing goods directly from the Far East - in order to get better service, quality of product, and prices than available in the UK today.

gym balls(£7)

Gym Ball 65cm

wobble cushions(£10)

foam rollers(£22)

Pilates Foam Roller

exercise mats(£7)

Exercise Mat

Treating Everyday People with Everyday Problems

DM Physiotherapy: Determined to get you better

DM Physiotherapy clinic runs from 422 Mansfield Road, Mapperley Park. Nottingham - in between Carrington and Sherwood (see map here).

Our services include musculoskeletal treatment for sports injuries, back and neck problems, commonly occuring joint aches and pains, and rehabilitation following surgery.

Additionally we offer sports massage, Pilates ( 1-to-1, regular beginners pilates courses and weekly intermediates pilates classes), acupuncture for pain relief, and coverage for live events.

We are also well established in Occupational Health, and can offer on-site clinics.

To contact us, please call 0115 960 7310,
or email us

Conditions We
Can Treat


· Back Pain
· Neck Pain
· Shoulder Pain
· Whiplash
· Muscular Strain
· Ligament Damage
· Inflamed Tendons
· Hip Pain
· Tennis Elbow
· Arthritic Joints
· Frozen Shoulder
· Heel Pain
· Pain in the Ball of the Foot
· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
· Spinal Degeneration
· Coccyx (tail bone) Pain
· Swollen Fat Pads
· Headaches
· Repetitive Strain Injury
· Trapped Nerves
· Sprained Ankle
· Disc Problems
· Cartilage Problems
· Jaw Pain
· Golfer’s Elbow
· Sciatica



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