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Why choose us?
If you have a problem with someone going off on long term sick leave through a musculoskeletal problem and are unsure as to why and whether you are doing the right things to help that individual return to work – we can help.

If you have a problem with the GP’s in your area constantly signing people off on the sick for prolonged periods of time – then let us get in control.

If you have an individual or a group with a particular problem e.g. complaining of a recurrent neck or shoulder pain which may be through work duties then we can do an individual assessments and give recommendations. On-site or off-site classes are a cost effective way of managing and training groups or teams of people.

If you have an overall problem  of work related injuries and sickness absence through out your company, then we can identify the major sources and help you to tackle these.

If you have large factory, then having treatments based on site is a great reduction in the amount of time  employee going off site for visits to the physiotherapist which can often be over three times the amount. So whereby a trip to an onsite physiotherapist may take a little over half an hour, an off site physiotherapist may take you a whole afternoon.

For those who use private health insurance, we can often prevent unnecessary referrals to consultants  keeping insurance premiums low whilst facilitating quicker access to consultants and investigations such as MRI scans where required again reducing inconvenience and reducing anxiety levels which has a great impact on work ability.

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