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Physio Pilates Massage Acuopuncture

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Physio Treatments

Listed below are safe, effective treatments which

could be offered to you:

• Mobilisations and manipulations to the joint and spine.

• Soft tissue mobilisation, release and massage.

• Acupuncture and dry needling.

• Electrotherapy: Ultrasound, Interferential, TENS, advice re using hot and cold.

• Taping, strapping, supports and splints.

• Core stability and control of movement programmes.

• Postural advice including work station, driving and sleeping positions.

• Exercise programmes: - to rehabilitate, maintain and prevent injury.

• Chronic pain management.

• Pain relief and anti inflammatory medication: general advice regarding usage.






Whilst we know from years of previous experience and knowledge passed on from physio to physio that what we do works excellently, there is now a massive amount of clinical and scientific evidence further supporting this:

Early intervention by a physio reduces the likelihood of back pain becoming a chronic problem.
Frontline Magazine, 8/10/07

Physio-led exercise combined with spinal manipulation is the most effective way of treating lower back pain.
UK Back Pain Exercise and Maniplation (BEAM) Randomised Trial. UK BEAM Team. BMJ 2004;329;1381

Early intervention by a physio reduces the likelihood of back pain becoming a chronic problem
Frontline Magazine, 8/10/07

Physiotherapy has a superior benefit to steroid injections in the treatment of tennis elbow.
Bisset et al. Mobilisation with movement
and exercise....BMJ.2006;333:939

Physiotherapy mobilisations with exercise and electrotherapy can be used in the reduction of shoulder pain and improved function.
Green et al 2003. Cochrane Reviews
2003. Issue 2; Art CD004258.

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